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I have selected some of my recent and older projects from various design categories.
I split them into four categories: Branding/Logos, Websites, Newsletters/Emails & Banners/Promotions.
My goal was to show my deversified skills, that I would be able to apply to any design project. I was trying not to overload this presentation, but rather show my ability to manage work at every step of the project - from concept to implementation.


  • ..
  • 2cornot2c
  • Flairia
  • Various Logos

When I am talking to the client about their brand, my first and foremost goal is to educate the customer that Branding is not only a quickly put together logo, but that Branidng starts with defining business positioning, identifying correct niche, target market, and their Unique Selling or Service proposition. And only after those components are identified the Visual Identity work may start.
On my website in the section "Process" you may review the entire step-by-step Project Development Process, including brand development.
In this presentation, I have included two distinct Projects, 2Cornot2C, online retailer selling eyeware and Flairia, a brand selling natural organic creations (currently presented by handmade art and jewelry from South America). I also included few other logos from different years and industries.

2cornot2c - logo
2cornot2c - logo
2cornot2c - colors
2cornot2c - business card
2cornot2c - gift card

Product labels/tags

4 Posters

Online catalog

Temporary home page
Various Logos
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  • CUSL (CUStudentLoan)-2011
  • IDA College
  • Newmark Furniture
  • Fruttata (work in progress)

My journey to the Web design started 19 years ago, from the college lecture about this unknown word "Internet". Two month later I, a recent Art college graduate, was hired by one of the first Internet start ups to design ...websites.
From the first 640x480px screens with overoptimized images for 265 color screens that were suppose to squeeze through 14.4 kbit/s modem connections I grew up to be responsible for UI/UX and functionality of complex data applications for Fortune 500 companies such as JPMorganChase, Citigroup & Standard & Poors.
I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so my designs would be easily coded. I started thinking about functionality, ease of navigation, and how to keep the customer on track completing their task without destruction long before the word Usability came to life.
My strongest asset is my knowledge of design basics such as color theory, understanding of typography and composition. My moto is "Everything has a solution - Find it". This pushes me to never stop learning, and develop as an artist and a professional. I designed more than 200 stand alone websites, numerous landing pages, updated and improved already existing older sites. I learned to work within client's budget and timeframe, managing client's expectations and goals.
In this presentation I show only four projects - Two from the Education Industry: CUStudentLoan (LendKey), built in WordPress at the time it was designed and IDA College (Custom built website. I was responsible only for design portion of the project, working in collaboration with developers and the project manager.); one recent WordPress website for Newmark Furniture - a portfolio of the custom furniture company, and Fruttata - my latest WordPress project, that I am working on right now.

CUSL hompage

CUSL subpage

CUSL subpage
IDA College Homepage

IDA College Subpage

IDA College Subpage
NewmarkFurniture Sitemap

Newmark Furniture Homepage

Newmark Furniture Subpage

Newmark Furniture Subpage

Newmark Furniture Subpage
Fruttata Homepage (proposed design option1)

Fruttata Homepage (proposed design option2)
  • ..
  • Xcelpros
  • Sawcare

In this section I am showing examples of HTML Emails developed very recently with MailChimp Service. Even though, I did create templates, I some of the elements had to be handcoded due to the complexities of the design.

Xcelpros Email Newsletter
Sawcare Email Newsletter
  • ..
  • CCI banner
  • Pentacel banner
  • IHRSA promotion
  • SDI infomertial
  • DanceNow!Group

For the Banners/Promotions sections I chose several projects created at different times. The first four projects were created with Flash. Also, I do not actively use Flash any longer, the composition, animation and interactivity are still valid.
You can also see one of the Facebook campaigns I was working on. There were also a bunch of google ads but, unfortunatelly, I don't have access to the files.

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